Economic Affairs - 2010


    Centre-State Financial Relations and Economic Development of Punjab - Identifying Loopholes  


  Comparison of Growth rate of Labour Productivity of Commercial Banks operating in India  
    Development of North Bengal - A Simple Idea  
    Expansion of Microfinance -  
    Flow of Agricultural Credit by Commercial Banks in West Bengal  
    Optimum Allocation of Resources in Different Situations of Resource Constraints  
    The Current Situation of the Indian Economy  
    Tourism Economics - An Interpretation of Economic Models  
    A Comparative Economic analysis of Cost and Energy in Agricultural Production in Tamilnadu  
    An Economic Analysis of Willingness to Pay (WTP) For Conserving The Biodiversity  
    A Profitabilty Study on Fodder  
    Aromatic Rice Marketing in Bangladesh An Empirical Study  
    Communication Satellite for Rural Development - A View  
    Female Education and Fertility Levels in Andhra pradesh  
    Fluctuation of Inflationary rate in the Indian Economy  
    Glass Cieling - Fact or Myth  
    Globalization - Concepts, Oppertunities and Challenges - The Indian Experience  
    Globalization and Foreign Investment in India  
    Indo-German Economic Relations Since 1990  
    Poverty - A Course for Women Empowerment  
    Special Economic Zone's in Rajasthan - As a Tool of Regional Development  
    Tourism Development in Eritrea - A Study on its Problems & Prospects  










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