Workshop on : " Global Business, Employment Prospects and Skills Up-gradation "



A workshop on “Global Business, Employment Prospects and Skills Up-gradation” was organized at Pitapalli campus on 5th and 6th February 2011 for graduate students drawn from Collages of Bhubaneswar, Jatni and Khurdha.
The workshop was designed with adequate emphasis on skill up-gradation of students as young graduates are increasingly finding it difficult to make a choice of career options as per the suitability of their capabilities. Moreover, they are unable to articulate their views and match their expectations of the employers. Thus, it is necessary to intervene in order to imbibe in young students the required skills to increase their employability.

The workshop was inaugurated by Sri Tushar Kanta Panda, Managing Director, Orissa State Cooperative Bank, Bhubaneswar. Sri Panda in his seminal speech focused on banking business, agricultural credit and hind side of Micro Finance. He also spoke about the various job opportunities for the young graduates in the banking sector.

The workshop was organized in six technical sessions. The first session dealt with Global Business and Job Prospects. Prof. S. P. Das from XIM, Bhubaneswar was the resource person for the session and explained the business environment, constraints of employment in pre and post globalised era. He also highlighted the prospects of employment with special emphasis on Odisha’s economy where steel, power and aluminum sectors are going to play very important role in generating employment opportunities both for technical, managerial and operational positions.


Dr. Suvendu Kumar Das, General Manger, Paradeep Phosphate Limited (PPL) was the resource person for the second session and spoke on the theme “Campus to Corporate”. He asserted that despite spread of technical and professional education in recent past, the employability rate is as low as under 5% level, particularly in IT sector. His deliberation was substantiated with recent data. He, out of his experience, highlighted that mental ability, language skills, analytical skills, verbal skills, spatial skills, quantitative skills, basics of IT, a sense of discipline, time management and ability to work in a group are very essential skills required for students seeking jobs at corporate level.

Prof. (Dr.) S.C. Kumar, President, MIMTS conducted the third technical session where, he spoke about “Capabilities, employability and success” of job seekers. After explaining capability he stressed on various strategies to acquire capability of employability, such as basic language skills, cultural adaptability and role of innovator. Finally, Dr. Kumar asserted that success comes to those who are capable of bearing, borrowing and bending; and are disciplined, determined and dedicated. Compare and compete with self, and come out with solutions instead of posing problems if intended to succeed in life, he suggested.

The fourth technical session was taken by Prof. (Dr.) Abhijit Dutta, Dean MIMTS, on “Attitude to work & value at work place”. He dwelt on how values are created and how these are get transformed in life. He pointed out that individual and work centre values differ and individuals need to manage this conflict. In order to know value, one has to go through an identification of self and know how that person will interact with the group and be able to interact with ones own self. There were several activities which were done to drive home the point and identify one owns self. He also narrated several ways so as to how to resolve conflict and remain focused at Job Interviews and work place.


The fifth technical session was conducted by Prof. Kuldeep Kaur an eminent academician and corporate consultant, on “Business communication”. She defined communication as a two-way process and focused upon importance of communication skills. The discussion centered on impact of body language, postures, gestures, and corporate mannerism. The importance of team work, leadership and communication was illustrated through different group activities conducted in the session.

The sixth technical session was conducted by Prof. (Dr.) S.K.Moharana, Director, and MIMTS on “Entrepreneurship as a career”. The esteem speaker started the talk with a valuable quotation of Edwin Norman focusing on the art of entrepreneurship. The limelight of discussion was the Ten Commandments which can really help to be a successful entrepreneur. He also illustrated different examples from prevailing market scenario to start a business enterprise. He concluded his deliberation by addressing the systematic orientation, dedication and commitment required to plan entrepreneurship as a career.

After the open house session, a valedictory ceremony was organized and Prof. (Dr.) A.K. P. C. Swain and Prof. (Dr.) S.C. Sahoo were present as the Chef Guest and the Guest of Honour respectively. Both the speakers advised the student-participants to focus on overall personality development instead of hovering around class-room learning, because employers look forward to a complete whole of personality, rather than a knowledgeable person.

The workshop was managed with all niceties under the personal supervision of Sri Dillip Kumar Jena, Secretary of MIMTS. He also proposed a formal vote of thanks to the invited resource persons, guests, participants, faculty, media friends and staff for their kind cooperation and contribution towards the success of the workshop.
The chief guest distributed the certificates to the participants at the end of the function.