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The Institute envisions itself to be a leading business school in the world and be recognized for its excellence in education, innovative research, and emerge as a driving force for progressive changes in the business world.

MIMTS is committed to diversity and inclusiveness; educating and fostering opportunities for all round development of students as well as faculty through collaborative and applied learning experiences, thus refining their abilities to take ownership for their learning, decisions and actions in order to be responsible citizens and leaders in their respective fields.

 Prof. (Dr.) P.K.Sahoo
 Dr. Suvendu Kumar Das
 Mr. Prasanth Nath
 Major K.P.Mohanty
 Prof. Malcolm Harper
 Prof. (Dr.) Samson Moharana
 Prof. (Dr.) K.C.Roy
 Prof. (Dr.) Kshitibhushan Das
 Prof. (Dr.) Santosh Kumar Tripathy



MIMTS Faculty are experienced and well informed about today's global economy. They understand to reinvent traditional business tools and make it adaptable after transformation to deal with the complex and volatile business world. More...

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   +91 0674-2395143

     +91 0674-2395143

    Fax: 0674-2395143