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    Inspired to look Beyond……….  
  This is a modern management institute with qualified & experienced faculty. I want this institute to be a world class institute.  
    Prof. (Dr.) P. K. Sahoo  
    Vice-Chancellor, Utkal University, Odisha.  
  Impressive infrastructure, excellent hospitality, enthusiastic student & keen to learn.  
    Dr. Suvendu Kumar Das,  
    General Manager, Paradeep Phosphate Limited.  
  Growing institute with quality curriculum.  
    Mr. Prasanth Nath  
    Senior Vice –President, SREI, Bhubaneswar  
  I am greatly impressed with the students & growth & development of the institute. Its campus, surroundings, classrooms, seminar hall is really wonderful. The management & faculty & staff are very devoted.  
    Major K.P. Mohanty  
    Former Vice-Chancellor, North Orissa University  
  The Students are lively, willing to ask good questions and answer my questions also.  
    Prof. Malcolm Harper  
    Chairman- M-CRIL, Emeritus Professor,  
    Cranfield School of Management, U.K.  
  The students are quite responsive & knowledgeable. I am impressed by the infrastructure & the emphasis on quality.  
    Prof. (Dr.) Samson Moharana  
    Former Chairman, P.G. Council,  
    Utkal University, Odisha.  


  From a small beginning, this institute will grow to achieve greatness among the social, economic & cultural institution in     Orissa.  
    Prof. (Dr.) K.C. Roy  
    University of Queensland, Australia  
  This institute appears to move in the direction of a true 21st century global business school.  
    Prof. (Dr.) Kshitibhushan Das  
    Professor and Head, P.G. Dept. of   
    Commerce & M.F.C., Utkal University,  
    Vanivihar, Odisha  
  It is an initiative towards building careers for corporate leadership.  
    Prof. (Dr.) Santosh Kumar Tripathy  
    Professor & Head, Dept. of PM&IR,  


  Utkal University, Vanivihar, Odisha  



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