JIMS8M - The Journal of Indian Management & Strategy


    Chinese Biotechnology - Oppertunities for India  


  Editor's Desk  
    Indo-Brazilian Trade - An Exploratory Study  
    Industrial Potential of Warangal District  
    managing Climate Change - New Oppertunities For Trade  
    Work-Life Balance - A Strategic Approach for Employees  
    Political Dynamics and Employee relationship Management  
    Editor's Desk  
    Eliminating Equity Capital as a Risk Cushion  
    Export Prospects of Seeds from India  
    HR Footprints - The Human Resource Facts  
    Indian Management - A Global Model  
    Investment at Mutual Funds - The Myths and The Mystiques  
    Marketing Strategy of APSRTC Occupancy Ratio to Wrangal Region  
    Minimizing Retail Shrinkage - Understanding the Basic Premises  
    Understanding and Measuring Intangible Assets  
    Challenges of Human Resource Management in Public Sector Banks  
    Editor's Desk  
    Foreign Competition in Higher Education  
    How to face Global Competition  
    Manging Customer Experiences - Touch the Customer at Every Touch Point  
    Performance Appraisal at Grasim Industries Limited  
    Retail Management in India  
    Boitechnology in Israel - Oppertunities for India  
    Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions in India - A Snap shot  
    Editor's Desk  
    Globalization, Market Competitiveness & SMEs  
    Managing Knowledge for Growth  
    Non-Statutory Disclosure in India - An Analysis of Selected Companies  
    Post-WTO Patenting in Asia - A Comparative Study of Three Asian Tigers  
    WTO, India and VAT - What Salt Could be Gained