Journal of Income & Wealth


    Alternatives Estimates of Value Added From Construction  
    A Note on Measured Spatial Price Differentials  


  Accounts of Local Bodies  
    An Alternative Approach for Estimating Value Added of Unregistered Manufacturing  
    Banking Services Price Index - An Exploraory Analysis for India  
    Capital formation in Punjab and Haryana - A Comparative Analysis  
    Compilation of National Accounts Statistics in India - A Historical Perspective  
    Corporate Sector in Indian National Accounts  
    Coverage of Insurance Activity in National Accounts Statistics  
    Data and Definitions - Underestimating Savings and Investment in an Open Economy  
    Differentials in the Rural - Urban Movement of Workers  
    Direct Estimation of Household Saving - An Overview of Issues  
    Divergence Between the Estimates  
    Economic Growth and Structural Break in India - testing Unit Root Hypothesis  
    Estimates of Workforce from the NSS-61st Round, 2004-2005  
    Estimation of Capital Formation at State Level  
    Estimation of GFCF by Industry of use in Household Sector  
    GDP Deflator Vis-A-Vis other Price Indices in India - An Exploratory Study  
    Growth and Volatility of Indian Economy  
    Household Savings in India - An Econometric Assessment  
    Human Development and India  
    Improving Exhaustiveness of GDP in India  
    In Memory of Bagicha Sing Minhas  
    International Comparasion Programme 2005 - Issues and Limitations  
    Issues in the Measurement of Real output of Health Services  
    Labour input in National Accounts - Some Issues and Implications  
    Liberalisation and Social Sector Expenditure - An Inter-State Analysis in India  
    Measurement Issues in Service Sector - An Analysis  
    Measurement of Capital Stock, Depreciation and Wealth  
    Measurement of Import Intensiyt of Exports in India  
    Measurement of Service Capital  
    Measuring Gross Value Added of Private Life Insurance Companies  
    Methodology of District Domestic Product  
    National Accounts Statistics and Service Price Index  
    Paradigm Shifts in Growth Perspectives of Indian Economy  
    Presentation of Indian National Accounts in Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) Format  
    Private Final Consumption Expenditure - Some Measurement Issues  
    Private investment in India - data & measurement Issue at the State Level  
    Regional Disparity in Economic and Human Development in India  
    Regional Estimates of Income Generation and Consumption Distribution - Maharashra  
    Saving and Capital Formation in India - Some Exploration  
    The Dynamics of Inflation in India - Cointegration and Causality  
    Treatment of Different Expenditure in National Accounts  
    Understanding the Price - Production Puzzles in the Indian Economy  
    Value Added by Unorganized Financial Sector - An Alternate Methodology