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    Book Reviews  
    Role of Corporate Leadership in Nation Building  


  Activity Based Costing - Strategic Implication Companies  
    Understanding value Creation - The Shareholder Value Perspective  
    Factors Influencing Choice of A Life Insurance Company  
    An Approach Paper for Competence-Based  
    The Leadership Challenge  
    Creating Sustainable Advantage in Indian Services Sector  
    Affirmative Action (Positive Discrimination)  
    Book Review  
    Corporate Values of Delhi Metro  
    Governance Mechanism for Management Education Institutions in India  
    Impacts of Power Plant Privatization - A Perception Analysis  
    Job Involvement asa Predictor of Turnover Intention  
    Leadership Competencies in the Knowledge - Driven - Context  
    National Rural Employement Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) - Realities and Challenges  
    Towards A Model for Understanding Social Responsible Behaviour of Corporations  
    Book Review  
    Business Communication Course(s) Taught at B-Schools Teachers' Perspective  
    India's Manufacturing Strategy - Global Perspective  
    Integrated Web-Based System for Recruitment and Selection  
    Managing Human Resources in the Global Business Environment  
    Research in Progress at LBSIM - 2007  
    Shifting Paradigms of Corporate Social Responsibility  
    Approach, Clean Manufacturing, Eco-efficiency, Value-adding Management  
    Book Review  
    Corporate Conscious and Conscience - A study of Vision and Mission  
    Globalisation and Rural Women - SEWA Experience A Plea for Non-Violent Reforms  
    Growth Drivers of IT Enabled Banking in India - A Study of Scheduled Commercial Banks  
    Rural Development - From Vision to Action  
    Construction Planning Through Goal Programming - A Case Study