World Affairs - The Journal of International Issues


    A new world order or a holocaust  
    An historical perspective on Indian foreign policy  


  Asia's emerging regionalism - The path ahead  
    From Hard Sell To Soft Sell - The IMF, World Bank And Indian Liberlisation  
    India - Japan - Partner Against Terrorism  
    Repositioning for the future - New opportunities  
    The “street” and political elite in Iran  
    The American mindset in the new world order  
    The failure of states and international bodies to combat global warming  
    The state of collective crimes- beyond south asian political ritual dynamics  
    Water wars- Rivalry over water resources  
    Africa – agony and hope  
    Australia's grand defence strategy  
    Iran and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation  
    Morocco's regionalisation Roadmap and The Western Sahara  
    Reviews - America and the emerging international order  
    The African, Caribbean and Pacific countries  
    The challenges of development in Africa  
    The collapse of neoliberal globalisation and the quest for a just world order  
    The global economic recession and Nigeria's foreign policy  
    The India–Africa partnership  
    Women in politics  
    Blackwater – the private military and security company  
    China's role in Central Asia  
    Obama's “Pakaf” gamble  
    Revisiting the Jewish state  
    Road To Recovery - Our Present Is Not The Future  
    Sovereignty through decentralisation  
    The Economic Crisis of the Western System - A Geopolitical Approach  
    The three gulf wars  
    When Is War Not A War  
    African Unity - The Move Forward  
    Brazil's New African Policy - The Experience of the Lula Government (2003 - 6)  
    China's Position in Africa - A Political Anatomy  
    Message from Editor - Africa - From Colonial Separation to Global Partnership  
    R2P and the Zimbabwean Crisis - Rescuing A Sinking Ship  
    Unequal Equals - Angola and China  
    A Theoretical Analysis of the Caspian Region  
    Confucianism and the solution to the Tibet problem  
    Criminalisation, militarization and democratic restoration in Bangladesh  
    Cultural Globalisation  
    Geoeconomics of East Asia  
    India in the asian context - Economic and cultural challenges  
    Indo–Asean Relations  
    Nuclear deterrence in South Asia  
    Pakistan and Self-determination  
    Search for a new humanism for a human-centric future  
    The evolution of Kashmir  
    The Khan Proliferation Network  

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